Halo Infinite Season 2 Patch Notes Revealed For Huge Update

It’s been a big week for Halo Infinite: The highly anticipated second season of the sci-fi shooter: Lone Wolf is now being updated on console and PC. In addition to adding new maps and modes, including a battle royale-style “Last of the Spartans,” the update also brings a long list of balance changes, bug fixes, and other core experience improvements.
The full patch notes are posted on the Halo support site, as shown below. First, melee damage in multiplayer and campaign has been reduced by 10% across the board. In particular, this change reduces the lethality of the Mangler, as it now requires two knockdowns instead of one. Battle Rifles now deal more melee damage in Ranked Multiplayer.
Meanwhile, Marauder has seen his base fire so often that he can now be used for two-shot kills. In terms of gear, Drop Wall is now stronger and deploys faster, and Overshield now grants an additional half shield.
The car has also undergone some changes: the position of the tires and suspension of the car improved the Warthog’s handling on uneven terrain. Meanwhile, Chopper can now destroy all vehicles with a single hit, except for Scorpion and Wraith. Banshee has increased mobility and weapon damage.
Developer 343 also changed the player’s mobility so that the speed gained from sliding down the ramp decreases in proportion to the height of the fall. Meanwhile, Jumping saw an update that included collision fixes on all multiplayer maps.
This is just a very, very small part of what’s new in Season 2: Lone Wolf. Be sure to read GameSpot’s extended Halo Infinite: Season 2 Lone Wolves review for more information and check out the full patch notes below. Please note that these minor changes are in addition to the new free content available in Season 2, including new maps and Microsoft’s iconic mascot, Clippy.
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Post time: Oct-14-2022