This 3D printed corgi bottle opener is affordable and adorable.

I like corgis. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like dogs, unless they absolutely hated dogs, and… I don’t usually hang out with these people. Apparently the Queen has had over 30 corgis since she came to the throne, but more importantly to me, my cousin has two and I love them. I’ve been known to neglect human interaction during the holidays, preferring to hang out with dogs and their short legs and eternal smiles. I often wish I could shrink it down, put it in my pocket, and take it home without anyone noticing. Pocket corgi…what a great idea!
Eric Ho has created something better – a pocket corgi that can open your beer. The former Shapeways social media strategist has already been featured on; last December, his work ranked four of Shapeways’ ten most viewed products.
“I no longer work for Shapeways,” Ho told “I decided to continue exploring other possibilities. However, I still own Shapeways and focus on 3D printed corgi figurines and minimalist frame designs that can be used as keychains and bottle openers. Simple, cute and affordable, these wireframe animals “3D printed by Shapeways. This is a ready to use and viable product. These were 3D models created in collaboration with designer Kostika Spaho.”
They are also very cute. The Ho’s Corgi Bottle Opener/Keychain is designed as a simple wire sculpture that easily attaches to the keychain, with the front paws conveniently gripping and removing bottle caps. Currently available in stainless steel, polished and brushed gold steel, polished and brushed bronze steel, polished nickel steel, polished gray steel and brushed black steel. They are both available for $29.99. There are several other more expensive metals in the “try first” category.
In addition to his corgis, Ho also created a series of wireframe animals. Dolphins, sloths and velociraptors are just some of the wire sculptures, keychains and bottle openers his store currently offers. Browsing his store, his love for corgis is also evident: his sandstone figurines include a Lobster Corgi, a Karate Corgi, and my personal favorite, Thorgie.
Ho tells us that he is currently offering his services to anyone interested in commissioning or opening a store on Shapeways. Along with Spaho, who has been involved in several projects in the past, he recently left Shapeways and founded Raw Legend Collaborations, which is described as “a collaborative design workshop for the most elite designers and 3D modelers in the world.” 3D modeling, as well as consultations on social networks. You can contact Ho through the Raw Legends website or at
Discuss this story in the forum thread “3D Printed Corqi Bottle Opener” on Now take a look at this demonstration of how easy it is to open a beer with your Corgi:
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Post time: Oct-24-2023