Summary Of Medals In Chongqing Marathon Competition In 2023

At 7:30 on March 19, 2023, the 2023 Chongqing Marathon started off at Haitang Yanyu Park, Nanbin Road, Nan’an District. As the starting gun sounded, nearly 30000 runners from 20 countries, regions, and 347 cities around the world rushed out of the starting line, wearing colorful competition suits, and running passionately along the Yangtze River.


The design concept of the Chongqing Marathon Completion Medal is to showcase the urban characteristics of Chongqing in a panoramic manner

The unique landmark landscapes of many mountain cities, such as Monument to the people’s Liberation, Ciqikou, Hongya Cave, Yangtze River Cableway, and Shiba Ladder, are selected to integrate modern and fashionable buildings, such as Jiangbei Mouth, Twin Towers, Raffles Square, and Guojin Center. With mountains and mountains as the base, rivers and waves emerge, condensing the three-dimensional, inclusive, and modern characteristics of Chongqing. Chongqing City Flower – Camellia and the Chongqing Marathon emblem are cleverly integrated with cultural symbols to form an integrated shape, which is located at the center of the medal, highlighting the positive role of heavy horse as a sports and city card in promoting the development of national fitness and promoting the dissemination of the city’s image.


Gold medal: The entire medal adopts a 3D hollow design, with a thickness of 5-8mm. The surface is plated with imitation gold, and the concave part is painted in one color

Ancient Silver Medal: 3D hollow design, plated with ancient nickel.



What is worth integrating is that this year, 727 people in Chongqing Marathon “broke the third”, and the contestants (who completed the race within 3 hours) awarded trophies

The design of the trophy: With the urban characteristics of Chongqing as the background, and the running Little Golden Man in the middle, it represents the runners who participated in the marathon race in Chongqing. The three on the top left of the trophy represent the year of 2023, while the “sub three” on the base represents the most “broken three” runners. The overall design of this trophy is 3D, with two electroplating colors, namely imitation gold and ancient nickel. The “Little Golden Man” uses imitation gold technology to express the honor and glory of breakthrough athletes, while the urban part is plated with ancient nickel; The top left 3 is painted with transparent baking varnish and colored in red to demonstrate the enthusiasm of marathon runners. The text on the base is carved with radium. I have to say that this is not only a trophy, but also a heavy honor.


Post time: Mar-24-2023