Secret cold knowledge! 4 tips on custom medal maintenance

The medal is not only a “gift of honor”, but also a special “sense of ceremony”. It may be the witness of a certain game, bearing the sweat and blood of the winner. Of course, it is precisely because it is not easy to come, just need to take a good “honor” maintenance collection, so that it can endure, so yue Jing Beauty xiaobian here for everyone to do a special arrangement, about the custom medal maintenance methods are in the following, come and see!
First, do not stack to avoid knock against
MEDALS made of gold and silver are soft in texture, so be careful not to fold them, otherwise they may easily become deformed. And when taking and putting, we should also pay attention to avoid friction and knock against each other. In addition, if you encounter some small bump marks do not arbitrarily use blunt objects or toothpaste and other ointment processing, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the medal to a certain extent.
Two, keep dry do not be affected by moisture
Most custom-made MEDALS are made of metal, which rusts or corrodes easily when exposed to moisture, and white fog if stored in damp conditions for a long time. Therefore, when collecting MEDALS, they should be stored in an airtight box, and away from a damp environment.
Three, random touch easy to leave marks
If you touch the medallion with wet or sweaty hands, fingerprints or sweat may be left. Wear thin gloves if you want to enjoy it. Gold medal is placed too long, unavoidably some dust is contaminated, this time should be wiped with the cloth goods with soft quality of a material, and to the small details of edge corners, need to be wiped with soft brush.
Four, acid and alkali oxidation will corrosion
Acid and alkali have a strong corrosive effect on metal, light oxidation discoloration, heavy damage and perforation of the entire medal, so the medal must not be put together with acid and alkali items oh!
So the point is, how should the medal be preserved? There are two main ways for medal storage: photo frame storage or electroplating.
NO.1 Photo frame storage
Framed storage is when you nail a medal in a frame and you frame it, which is kind of like a photo, and you hang it on the wall at home, so you can look at it anywhere and you can decorate the house.
NO.2 Electroplating: Electroplating costs a little higher than photo frame storage, but its effect is very good, and after electroplating, it will last longer. For commemorative MEDALS, electroplating is indeed the best way to store.

Post time: May-12-2022