Notes for customizing medal badges

Why do they even have MEDALS made? It’s a question that a lot of people don’t figure out.
In fact, in our daily life, no matter in schools, enterprises and other places, we will encounter a variety of competition activities, each competition will inevitably have different awards, in addition to some realistic material rewards, MEDALS, trophies or badges are also essential.
Custom-made MEDALS, trophies and badges represent a sense of ceremony and honor given to participants by the organizers. What should we pay attention to when we customize MEDALS and badges as the demand side?
1.Medal badge style
When carrying out the custom design style of medal badges, it is necessary to integrate the design style desired by the customized party according to the purpose of the product and the inheritance of enterprise culture and the spirit of activities and competitions. At the same time, it is also necessary to customize different types of products according to different scenes to determine the size and proportion of medal badge products, and whether the size is coordinated, appropriate and standard.
2. Medal badge content
The customized surface content of the medal badge is generally the abbreviation of the company (school or organization), logo, theme and other information. It is necessary to avoid that too much information will lead to the accumulation of words on the surface of the medal badge. As simple as possible and not complex, accurate and complete expression of the purpose of making medal badges.
3.Medal badge material
The production materials of customized medal badges need to be determined according to the needs of the customized party. Compared with precious metal and ordinary metal, gold, silver and precious metal materials are definitely more expensive. The customized party can decide whether the MEDALS are high-grade and what materials to choose according to the requirements of different scenes. For example, crystal medal modeling elegant, modeling can make a big fuss; Gold and silver medal modeling technology is difficult, but more suitable for serious important places; Gold sand silver medal fine workmanship; Acrylic medal style novel, wooden medal foil literary characteristics and so on.
4. Medallion craft
Medal badges are made of different materials and have diverse production techniques. For example, the making of metal medal can be processed by baking paint and enamel technology to make it a colorful and exquisite medal, with strong three-dimensional feeling, all kinds of designs outstanding. Soft enamel and resin as coloring materials, the surface can be gilded, nickel plating and other metal colors, smooth and delicate, giving a person a very noble feeling.
5. Medal insignia Details
The details of the customized medal badge mainly show whether the font selection is appropriate, and what style of medal wooden bracket and medal ribbon should be selected to match the medal badge. The thickness of the medal badge, the width of the hem, the plane arched arc, etc., shall be considered according to different customization requirements.
6. Medal badge packaging
Customized medal badge packaging, just like everyone’s dress, pay attention to the natural color collocation, generous. Matching is the most important thing in the outer packaging of medal badges, ordinary paper box or high-grade wooden box, completely depends on the high-grade and authority of the recipient of the medal.

Post time: May-12-2022