Celebrate Sweden national day

Today, we come together to celebrate Sweden’s National Day, a day filled with joy and pride. Sweden’s National Day, celebrated on June 6th every year, is a longstanding traditional holiday in Swedish history and also serves as Sweden’s Constitution Day. On this day, the people of Sweden gather to celebrate the nation’s independence and freedom, showcasing their love for Swedish culture and values.

Background: On June 6th, 1809, Sweden adopted its first modern constitution. In 1983, the parliament officially declared June 6th as Sweden’s National Day.

Activities: During Sweden’s National Day, Swedish flags are flown across the country. Members of the Swedish royal family travel from the Royal Palace in Stockholm to Skansen, where the queen and princesses receive flowers from well-wishers.

As part of this special day, we extend our warmest wishes to all the people of Sweden! May Sweden’s National Day bring joy and unity, showcasing the solidarity and resilience of the Swedish people.

We also want to remind everyone that Sweden’s National Day is an important public holiday, and many institutions and businesses will be closed for the day to celebrate this grand occasion. Please note that some services may be affected. However, Artigiftsmedals will be open as usual on this day, ready to assist you with any work-related challenges. Feel free to contact us!

Whether you are celebrating at home or participating in various activities, let us all share in this joy and pride, commemorating Sweden’s history and cultural traditions.

Wishing all the people of Sweden a happy and memorable National Day!

Happy holidays!

Warm regards,


Post time: Jun-06-2024